Gravitas Ventures Brings A Parallel Universe Of Fun To North America In “The Wrong Todd”


The Wrong Todd Trailer (90 seconds) from Rob Schulbaum on Vimeo.

 Gravitas Ventures Brings “Family Guy” Alumni Rob Schulbaum’s Award Winning Sci-Fi Comedy Drama “The Wrong Todd” To VOD & Digital Audiences Across North America

Rob Schulbaum’s (“Family Guy,” “The Jazz Funeral”), award winning directorial debut “The Wrong Todd,” is a clever take on a sci-fi comedy drama with the added bonus of an evil twin from a parallel universe. The film will make its North American VOD/Digital release across platforms everywhere on November 5th, 2019 through Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company. Because everything changes for Todd when his evil twin from a parallel universe arrives to steal his girlfriend, Lucy and an epic sci-fi comedy takes off for audiences everywhere.

 “The Wrong Todd” which world premiered at the LA Film Festival last fall, has been racking up jury prizes and audience awards across the country beginning with the top award for feature film at Other Worlds Austin Film Festival, before winning multiple awards (Jury, Ensemble Cast, Director, Audience, etc. ) at SENE Film, Music and Art this spring.

The directorial debut of Rob Schulbaum, “The Wrong Todd” is a wickedly clever take on a sci-fi comedy drama with the added bonus of an evil twin from a parallel universe.  “The Wrong Todd” is about championing love, accepting change, and realizing what you’ve taken for granted before it truly is too late. Inspired by the works of Charlie Kaufman (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”) and Harold Ramis (“Groundhog Day”) the film attempts to answer the question so many people think but never articulate “what is wrong with me?” Starring Jesse Rosen (“The Art of Being Straight,” “The Jazz Funeral”), Anna Rizzo (“On the 7th Date,” “Sundown”), Sean Carmichael (“Trinity,” “Lazarus Rising”), Derek K. Moore (“Slaybor Day 7,” Creative Custody”), and Erin Rose (“Little Women,” “Legends & Lies”). This crowd-pleasing sci-comedy is written, directed & edited by Schulbaum, produced by Anthony Ambrosino (“Painless,” “Lupe”), Ric Murray (“Wrath City,” “Afterlife”), Kim Jones, and Karen Lucas, with Cinematography by Mike Magilnick (“Scribbles,” “The Cobblestone Corner”).

“Rob’s hilarious first feature builds on the inventive premise by showcasing dual performances from the talented cast,” said Tony Piantedosi, Vice President of Acquisitions at Gravitas Ventures.

 Resistant to change, Todd (Jesse Rosen) finds himself at a crossroads when his girlfriend Lucy (Anna Rizzo) is offered a promotion on the other side of the country. Before he can decide whether to stay or go, Todd’s evil twin from a parallel universe arrives to take his place, and Todd must face the prospect of a world without Lucy. With the reluctant help of Lucy’s brother, Dave (Sean Carmichael), Lucy and Todd must confront the barriers to their relationship, their perception of self, and the laws of the universe itself to distinguish the wrong Todd from the right one.


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