Goliath 2016 – Amazon Original Series


Released by: 14 October 2016
Created by: David E. Kelley, Jonathan Shapiro
Production Co: Amazon Studios, Picrow
Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt, Maria Bello
MPAA Rating: TV- MA

Now, I got turned onto this show by my law professor who basically said that I would like this a lot more than the other courtroom legal dramas out there. Mind you, she is rather picky about the legal shows she watches. She is also a Tort Law professor.
Plus, it’s on Amazon Prime.
Back to Goliath…Billy Bob is back and is a damned good lawyer in this series. Here, Thorton plays Billy McBride, a one time sought after big firm attorney, who is literally an ambulance chaser, meaning he preys on the week for legal work. I swear, there are attorneys like that out there. This one had me hooked from the first episode.

Goliath, well, that is the big company. The deep pockets. The big firm he created and was thrown out of. The company he decides to go after when a woman comes to him with a wrongful death case. Can the case redeem him or get the revenge he’s been searching for since he was thrown out?
William Hurt is Donald Cooperman, the current managing partner of Cooperman & McBride and sworn enemy of Billy McBride. Donald is the hidden partner. Ruthless, dirty and very resourceful.
Molly Parker is Callie Senate. She is aggressive and fearful litigator. They call those kinds of attorneys, bull dogs.

Some of the procedural aspects of the show is factual, I can see why my professor recommended the show. If you have Amazon Prime, you can catch this show and many others with your subscription.