Godzilla Proves Why He’s King of the Monsters

I had so much fun with this film! First off, this film had so many little Easter eggs (none of which you’ll get from me though)! Admittedly, not real heavy on the interpersonal stuff, but let’s be honest, we watch Godzilla film because stuff gets wrecked, and this film does NOT disappoint!!!

The film jumps right into it with an explanation of how the main characters came to be involved with this particular episode of the film. During a San Francisco attack this pic of family lost one of their children in the destruction and in a storyline that reminds me of a certain Batman tale the mom, played wonderfully by Vera Farmiga, goes one way and the dad (played by Kyle’s Chandler) goes another leaving their child (masterfully played by Millie Bobby Brown) stuck between the two.
Now this is just the beginning of a well thought out foundation, but it does not end there as there is yet another element to this story. A group of eco-terrorists is trying to awaken all the Titans with the idea that this will reboot the world. To this end this group violently invades Monarch with the intention of stealing a bit of technology created by Dr. Emma Russell, a technology that allows the user to communicate with these entities, or control them. 
Now being a big time Godzilla fan, having grown up on them as a kid, I appreciated the incorporation of SEVERAL different creatures, however I will say that some of them did look a bit silly. 
The main focus of this film, however, is that we are destroying the world and that these Titans can fix that. This is the motivation behind this group and their Awakening of all of the Titans, but especially King Ghidorah (otherwise known as Monster Zero). by the way the fact that they called him Monster Zero was a huge plus for me!
Throughout the movie we see Monarch trying to keep one step ahead, but like with most large organizations they are somewhat fettered by the powers over then while the Eco terrorists enjoy much more freedom and definitely exploit that fact. 
Part of the subplot that I liked was that Millie Bobby Brown’s character Maddie was caught up in this tug-o-war between her mom and dad’s divorce, the monsters, and choosing sides. Part of this is due to her and her mom getting kidnapped by the terrorist group which has her dad joining up with monarch to try and find them. 
Now I did mention that they dropped a lot of Easter eggs, and for any Godzilla fan you’ll be able to easily spot them, and, at least for me, these were a Major throwback to my childhood and really brought the film to life for me.
Now, the fight scenes are plentiful and very energetic! I mean, if you’re looking for destruction you’ve definitely got it! Godzilla takes on Monster Zero several times with some great nods to classic Godzilla moves! Breath weapons abound as King Ghidorah and Godzilla go head to head as they tear through the earthly cities leaving a wide path of destruction! They, however are not the only ones! Rodan also plays a major part is this theater leaving a literal wake of annihilation where ever he goes. 
Visually the film is gorgeous desolation with building after building crumbling like Jenga blocks before these Titans! The military as well as Monarch are feeble before these Giants and so they are left to battle each other with Godzilla receiving only minimally effective assistance from the humans. 
In the end I would say that if you want an afternoon of super fun, and a great throwback with a film that nicely introduces these classics to this generation go see Godzilla King of the Monsters. Bring the little ones, bring grandparents, shoot bring a date! I think this film will, and does not disappoint!