Go Go Power Rangers!


The Power Rangers were a very large part of my early years. I remember watching every episode on Fox network, owning all the toys, and practicing my Hip-Hopkido (shout out to the original Black Ranger). I was all about the Power Rangers. I won’t lie, I was one of the old school fans that crapped all over the new armor and the look of this film when they started to show the preview pictures. To my surprise the armor isn’t so bad once they are in motion honestly they look good.

The Zords are another matter. They remind me way too much of the terrible Transformers from the Micheal Bay films. Let’s just say I’m not a fan. I did like most of the actors they picked for the Rangers especially Billy. He was the heart of this film. RJ Cyler did his thing in this movie.

Bryan Cranston mystified me as a choice for Zordon but he does a good job as the floating head leader of the good guys. Rita Repulsa as played by Elizabeth Banks is absolutely awesome. She is scary in many ways but also a little campy in the spirit of the source material.

The overall darker nature of the film is much needed and well done. The basis of why Rita absolutely hates the Rangers and Zordon is a highlight and sets up how the sequel can be started up. My biggest complaints are the terrible Alpha 5 that Bill Hader brought to the table, the bad robot/Goldar look, and the ridiculous absence of Putty noises.I give this movie a 77 out of 100.