Ghosts Of Christmas Specials Past : A Christmas Dream


Only the ghosts of Christmas Past could come up with such an unlikely Christmas pair.
If you remember the show Webster with Emmanuel Lewis and the A-Team with Mr. T as BA Baracus, the shows are vastly different from each other yet NBC had found a way to put these two in a holiday special, with guest stars in the backdrop of New York City.

A Christmas Dream was about a young boy who is missing the feeling of the holidays and encounters a street corner Santa. who is none other than Mr. T. The young boy explains his lack of enthusiasm for the holidays and “Santa” convinces him to come and meet his friends who can share what the Christmas spirit is all about.

The show takes audiences throughout the city visiting famous landmarks like FAO Schwartz, Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center, finally ending at the famed Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. where the All American Boy Choir sing hymns of joy and peace.

These days a young boy of that age would never make it that far and the situations he encounters can be considered creepy to today’s standards. This special definitely hearkens back to a simpler and innocent time in the world. You can find this lost treasure on Youtube. Although not the best quality it still exists for audiences of all ages to enjoy.