Gemini Man: Worth a Watch, but Don’t Get Your Hopes Up


Gemini Man is a two-hour Will Smith monologue sprinkled with enough action to keep you awake until the end.

After his last kill, Gun-for-hire Henry Brogan, played by Smith, asks to retire only to be betrayed and hunted by a younger assassin who he finds out is just a clone of himself named Junior, also played by Will Smith.

The film isn’t bad, but it sure isn’t good.

We all know the director, Ang Lee, for his blockbuster hits such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Life of Pi but this one seemed outside of his wheelhouse. The style and direction was all his, meaning more dialogue than gunfire and a prolific sense of ethics. But, the delivery of the whole package fell short.

The biggest flaw in this film is it’s CGI work. To create the younger Will Smith, known only as Junior in the film, there was a constant facial overlay which was pretty poorly done. It was most noticeable in the action scenes with multiple camera angles and fast-moving moments proving to be difficult in executing a quality production of the younger clone and main supporting role.

What was good in the film was the gun action. It was very realistic with modern technology and proper handling of the weapons. In many films it will be a spray of bullets, lack of reloads and a complete neglect of how one may actually use the weapon safely and efficiently. This film put together those details well.

The meat of this movie was Smith talking to himself, well his younger self. And the script kind of reads like an inspirational YouTube video that Will Smith personally put together. In many ways the message rang loud and clear and although we are not all clones, there was some take away about self-identity and perseverance that anyone can relate to.

What makes it worth watching is the supporting cast. Clive Owen plays a great villain, Benedict Wong is excellent in his role as the best friend and comedic relief, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead pulls her own weight as a badass female agent.

If this film is on your list for the fall season, you won’t be disappointed as long as you keep low expectations for the movie as a whole.