Food Network/Cooking Channel June Highlights


Junk Food FlipPremiering Tuesday, June 2nd at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT (COOKING CHANNEL)

Junk Food Flip hosts Nikki Dinki and Bobby Deen seek out the country’s favorite guilty pleasure foods and do their best to recreate the delicious items in a healthier way. In each episode, the team’s revamped creation then goes head-to-head against the original to see which version customers enjoy the most.

  • Premiering Tuesday, June 2nd at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “The Jalapeno Popper Flip” – SERIES PREMIERE!

Bobby and Nikki travel to St. Augustine, Florida, to taste the famous Jalapeno Popper Burger at Gas Full Service restaurant. This beast of a burger has two beef patties stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapenos, then gets deep-fried for the ultimate decadent delight! After biting into this indulgent 1,600-calorie burger, Bobby and Nikki challenge Gas owners Ben and Lindy Loose to a food flip, where they will make a healthier version of the dish. If the people choose Bobby and Nikki’s burger, then Gas has to put it on the menu, but if Ben and Lindy win, they get bragging rights and $1,000. Will their take on the burger be delicious enough to beat the Jalapeno Popper Burger in the showdown? Or will the locals stick with the deep-fried favorite?

  • Premiering Tuesday, June 9th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “The Unidentified Flipping Object”

If a tostada, taco and burrito had a baby, it would be the U.F.O. This decadent 1,500-calorie burrito is the creation of Nicholas and Robin Kimball, owners of the SoCal-inspired A1A Burrito Works Taco Shop in St. Augustine Beach, Florida. Flipping a burrito seems like an easy challenge, but Bobby and Nikki soon learn that the customers who come to A1A Burrito are not looking for just a burrito; they require calorie-laced fuel to eat before surfing, riding or running all day. Bobby and Nikki attempt to come up with something that matches the U.F.O in flavor, and becomes a healthy source of fuel for the active people who eat it. With bragging rights and cash on the line, will they successfully flip the U.F.O. or will Nicholas back up his smack talk with a winner?

  • Premiering Tuesday, June 16th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “The Drunken Cubano Flip”

It is a junk food journey down South to Bobby’s home state of Georgia, to take on a legendary BBQ sandwich called ‘the Drunken Cubano’ at Southern Soul Barbeque in St. Simons Island. It is a Cuban sandwich with slow-smoked pulled pork, cheese and pickles, but Southern Soul make this sandwich even more decadent by serving it inside a bowl of creamy beer cheese soup! Nikki and Bobby challenge owners and pit-masters, Griffin and Harrison to the ultimate Junk Food Flip. They attempt to create healthier versions of the sandwich, first going head-to-head with each other in a street taste test. Nikki and Bobby finally merge their creations into a sandwich to challenge the local BBQ favorite. Will Bobby and Nikki take these pitmasters down, or are they about to get smoked?

  • Premiering Tuesday, June 23rd at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “The Southern Comfort Flip”

Husband and wife team, Sean and Keely Mendes of Roadside Seafood in Charleston, South Carolina have created “The Southern Comfort” – creamy lobster mac n’ cheese, four slices of crispy bacon and two fried green tomatoes between two slices of buttered Texas toast. When Bobby and Nikki taste the 1,420-calorie sandwich, they challenge Sean to a Food Flip, but Sean does not think they stand a chance. Bobby and Nikki attempt to recreate those comforting Southern flavors with two very different, but leaner recipes. Once the winning sandwich is chosen in a taste test, Bobby and Nikki join forces to create a worthy challenger. Find out if Bobby and Nikki have what it takes to take down a Charleston favorite.

  • Premiering Tuesday, June 30th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “The French Toast Frankie Flip”

The “French Toast Frankie” contains roughly 80% of recommended daily calories, a fact of which “Perfectly Franks” owner Perry Cuda could not be more proud. When Bobby and Nikki roll into Summerville, South Carolina to take on this decadent dog, they think they have it easy flipping a 1,700 calorie dish, but the people of Summerville have very discerning taste buds. They love their rich, decadent food and any attempt to mess with tradition could spell certain defeat! Bobby and Nikki soon find themselves going head-to-head with a local hero in an arena filled with a hometown crowd, but they bring a strong challenger to the game. Does Bobby and Nikki’s dog have what it takes to take down this junk food heavyweight?


Craziest Restaurants in AmericaPremiering Wednesday, June 3rd at 10pm – SERIES PREMIERE! (FOOD NETWORK)

Craziest Restaurants in America travels coast to coast to count down the most unique, most outrageous, most outstanding, and even the most bizarre food establishments that dish out delicious meals and memorable dining experiences. From an underwater cafe to a zombie-themed bistro, these are the restaurants that leave customers saying, “Wow!”


Food Network Star – Premiering Sunday, June 7th at 9pm (FOOD NETWORK)

Long-running hit primetime series Food Network Star returns for season eleven with twelve talented hopefuls competing for the ultimate prize: their own Food Network show. Culinary superstars Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay are back to host the new season with guest mentors joining the action throughout the season. Tune in to find out who possesses the personality and kitchen chops to be the next Food Network Star.

  • Premiering Sunday, June 7th at 9pm – “Food Network Star Festival'” – SEASON PREMIERE!

In the season premiere, the twelve hopefuls arrive in Los Angeles and are introduced to food icons Giada and Bobby.  Each finalist must produce a 30-second introductory video and make their signature dish for a food festival to be held the next day.  At the festival, attended by a crowd of Food Network fans, each video is screened and their signature dish is tasted by a judging panel including Giada, Bobby, Food Network executives Susie Fogelson and Bob Tuschman, and People Deputy Editor J.D. Heyman. For one finalist, their dream ends, while the remaining eleven continue on their journey

  • Premiering Sunday, June 14th at 9pm – “Savory Baking”

Knowledge and the ability to adapt are key qualities to becoming a star, and the finalists must create an inspiring dish using only ingredients and leftovers that can be found in an average family’s refrigerator then perform a camera challenge for Giada, Bobby and guest judge Melissa d’Arabian.  Then the finalists use their imaginations to create a savory dish inspired by the world of desserts, with Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli joining Giada and Bobby at the judge’s table.

  • Premiering Sunday, June 21st at 9pm – “Trendy Dinner”

Keeping up with the latest food trends is imperative, so the contestants are tasked to create and photograph trendy “tiny” foods.  They are then split up into two teams for a challenge to create a five-course meal where each course corresponds with a buzzword. Sunny Anderson and Geoffrey Zakarian join the selection committee this week to decide who will be go home.

  • Premiering Sunday, June 28th at 9pm – “Fourth of July Cookout”

A Food Network Star has to be able to win over a crowd – so to celebrate the Fourth of July, the finalists are split into teams to develop a cohesive menu, shop for ingredients and feed a crowd of hungry families at a holiday cookout.  Guest judge Bobby Deenjoins Bobby and Giada to determine which team has the best performance, and one finalist from the lowest performing team is sent home.


Daphne Dishes – Premiering Sunday, June 7th at 11:30am – SEASON PREMIERE! (FOOD NETWORK)

Mom, wife, and home cook, Daphne Brogdon, brings a fresh, fun and humorous approach to feeding the family. Whether it is for a PTA meeting or a gals’ night in, Daphne cooks up a storm with simple recipes that will feed a crowd and bring the family together.


Outrageous Wedding Cakes – Premiering Saturday, June 13th at 9pm – SPECIAL! (FOOD NETWORK)

Here comes the cake! Wedding season is here and Food Network is serving up a second helping of extravagant, ornate, enormous and downright outrageous cakes! From six-tier masterpieces floating in midair to thousands of sugar-winged butterflies, from optical illusions to show-stopping cakes masquerading as life-size topiary swans, this all-new one-hour special will raise the bar in cake confections at weddings across the nation.


Top 5 Restaurants – Premiering Monday, June 15th at 10:30pm – SERIES PREMIERE! (FOOD NETWORK)

For the first time ever, Food Network is naming America’s top five burger spots, the ultimate five steakhouses, the best five BBQ joints and more! From pizza and ice cream to tacos and fried chicken, each episode is taking on one of America’s favorite foods and telling you exactly where to get the best. We’ll meet the makers and culinary masterminds behind these ultimate food creations as the battle for top spot is finally crowned.