Fifty Shades Darker (2017)


Release Date: February 10, 2017
Director: James Foley
Writers: Niall Leonard (screenplay), E.L. James (based on the novel by)
Production Co: Universal Pictures
Stars: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan
MPAA Rating: R for strong sexual contact, some graphic nudity, and language


Disclaimer: this is a film for mature audiences.

First, watch Fifty Shades of Grey before watching the second installment of the series. Okay, so I read the books, years ago so I know how things go. Of course, I was apprehensive with the series. Maybe because my mental Christian Grey was a cross between Alexander Skaarsgard and Eddie Redmayne. Or that my Anastasia Steele was Rhona Mitra. I was a little disappointed in the first installment, but…but this one. This was my favorite book of the series, okay the second and third books are my favorite. In this second installment, you get inside of Christian’s head a little more. The background of why he is Fifty Shades of F’d UP. Because, honestly, he was.

I have to applaud Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. The chemistry compared to the first movie and this one is entirely different. Like some next level stuff. I don’t know what happened in between the filming, but the chemistry was SO MUCH better in this film.

Anastasia comes into her own a bit in this installment, she is curious and intrigued.I like the way this brought Christian more to life and I may have a new affinity to Jamie Dornan. He’s no Alexander Skaarsgard, but he is definitely sexy. I watched this film with my husband (yes, I made him watch the first one) and he said he liked this one better than the first one.

So, a good date night film or girls night. Be forewarned, there is sex. Like….SEX. PLEASE don’t take your child to the movie theater with you.