FANTASTIC FEST 2018: One Cut of the Dead – A Brilliant Story That Will Have You Cheering By the End


Go see One Cut of the Dead whenever and wherever it gets distribution. For real, just stop reading this and just put this one on your watch list.

The less you know about this one going in the better. You still here? You can’t just take my word for it that this is one of the best horror meta comedies since Cabin in the Woods and Tucker and Dale VS Evil? Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Seriously! If you want to see this movie blind, get out now!

I was lucky enough to see this movie at fantastic fest and I have never had an audience experience like this. We all went on a journey with this film as the first 30 minutes of this film presents itself as a pretty amateurish attempt at making a zombie movie with the gimmick of it all being done in one shot. It is filled with awkward moments of silence, dropped plot elements, and dialogue that seems to go nowhere.

I witnessed the audience getting fairly bored and could almost hear everyone thinking “How did this get accepted into a festival?” But then, at the 37 minute mark, something amazing happens. The film ends. The end credits roll and we fade to white. Then we see a completely different set of credits. “Opening” credits.

We slowly begin to realize that this is when the actual movie begins. What follows is a masterwork in paying off every moment that had you scratching your head in the first 30 minutes and making a hilarious joke out of it. I have never seen a film so obviously lose an audience only to win them back so thoroughly by the end that we were all cheering on a film we didn’t even like in the beginning. It was easily my favorite film of the festival and I highly recommend seeing it as soon as you can before someone spoils it for you.

I dare you not to raise you fist in the air at the end shot of this movie

I feel like I have said too much already but the important take away here is that One Cut of the Dead is a smart, funny and heartfelt love letter to the art of film making. There is no other film quite like it and you jump on any chance to see this movie with a crowd. You will not regret it.