Extinction: A Miracle in a Vast Wasteland.


I recently had the GREAT pleasure of watching Netflix’s Extinction. What an AMAZING program!!! Just when I thought Hollywood was dead there comes this gem! This is an oasis in a desert wasteland of boring, rehashed, nonsense! This is one of the most unique programs I have seen in YEARS!


The film starts out following this young family, Peter (Michael Peña), and Alice (Lizzie Caplan), along with their two children Hannah and Lucy (played by Amelia Crouch and Erica Tremblay respectfully).

Everything seems normal, job, family time, friends, the usual with the exception that Peter has these terrible re-occurring nightmares, dreams filled with violence and death. These dreams are so invasive that they are causing a rift within his family. His wife continues to encourage him to seek help because of the stress and lack of sleep. In his visions he sees alien ships, genocidal eradication of the populous. He tries, on his own to curb these hellish visions, but is unable to. His family continues to suffer because of it and so he eventually succumbs and visits a clinic. It is here that he becomes increasingly stalwart in his push for the validity of these visions claiming that they must mean something!


It is not long before he is proven right. Coming home from work he is witness to an all out assault on the whole city! There is indiscriminate slaughter, men, women, children, no one is exempt!

Absolute chaos ensues as alien assailants raid the city, attacking everything in their path. Peter and his family flee for their lives running through sewers, streets, anything they can to try and get to safety.


They finally find sanctuary with a friend, but this is certainly not where the story ends! This story is, as I’ve stated, one of the most unique stories I have seen in a very long time and I can’t stop telling people about it!!! See this picture! See it now!