Exclusive engagements of the award-winning documentary to play at Regal Cinemas theaters nationwide on February 4 as party of awareness campaign for under-screened women’s cancers


Andrea Kalin’s documentary feature NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE (N.E.D.) will screen theatrically in over 50 cities on February 4, 2015 in timing with World Cancer Day. The film, which was produced by Spark Media, is being released courtesy of Candy Factory Films and will play at Regal Cinemas locations across the country and in Canada (complete list here).

In San Diego, NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE will screen at the Edwards Rancho San Diego Stadium 15 at 7:30PM.

NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE (N.E.D.) follows an unconventional rock band made up of six GYN surgeons, each passionate about music and outraged by the wall of silence surrounding these types of women’s cancers. The band’s name comes from the three words every patient prays to hear, “No Evidence of Disease.” As they struggle for success as musicians, they strive to save lives as doctors, forming powerful bonds with their patients who endure heart-wrenching journeys that test the limits of physical and emotional endurance.


Of 90,000 women diagnosed with a GYN cancer every year, 29,000 will die. GYN cancers are also a leading cause of death for young Hispanic and African Americans. Yet despite these cancers regularly claiming the lives of mothers, daughters, sisters, partners and aunts, GYN cancer research receives a mere fraction – not even 1% – of what goes into big business breast-cancer research.


For Emmy Award-winning and WGA-nominated director Kalin and her filmmaking team, the goal of the film is to trigger major changes in cancer funding and awareness. To do so, this documentary takes takes a shrewd approach to a difficult topic. While the record levels of public awareness and research funding for breast cancer are to be celebrated, “below the belt” cancers remain taboo. With N.E.D., the filmmakers hope to elevate GYN cancer to the same level of public awareness as breast cancer.


In addition to the Regal screenings on World Cancer Day (February 4), N.E.D. will be making the rounds with community and university screenings as well as with concert tours featuring the N.E.D. band. Click here for more information.