EXCLUSIVE clip from the new comedy HOW TO BEAT A BULLY.


Official Synopsis:

How to Beat a Bully is about a 12-year-old boy who moves to a new town and gets picked on by school bullies. In order to protect himself, he fibs to the bullies that his dad is a hit man for the mob! When the rumor spreads to real mobsters, they think the dad is horning in on their territory. They capture the dad, and the boy and his friends have to save the day and his dad! The kids end up becoming town heroes and ultimately learn, “It’s better to be friends than bullies.

Home Alone meets Big Fat Liar in the “fun, whimsical, and absolutely enjoyable”* How to Beat a Bully, on DVD April 5 from Indie Rights. The new kid in town is forced to protect himself from schoolyard tyrants with a big fat lie – that his father is a hit man for the mob – in director Douglas Bilitch’s raucously entertaining comedy for all ages. “Cleverly written” (IMDB) by Marilyn Anderson and Richard Rossner, How to Beat a Bully has received the Dove Foundation Seal of Approval for families. Grant McLellan, Eric Lauritzen, Elise Angell, Pearce Joza, Micah Lyons and Vince DonVito partake in a side-splitting tale of comeuppance, How to Beat a Bully available on DVD.