Empire – Series Premiere


Channel: Fox

Stars: Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Courtney Love, Rafael de la Fuente

Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Imagine Television

Released: January 7, 2015

Director: Lee Daniels

Synopsis: A unique family drama set in the world of a hip hop empire.


by Kate Oliver

The Pilot.  Season 1.  Terrence Howard as Luscious Lyon and Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon. I love these two.  You have no idea.  The first episode of this interesting take on the music industry from a “Hip Hop Mogul” prospective.  More like from a street gangster to an executive.

This first episode gives some back story, the return of Cookie Lyon after 17 years in prison and the evolution of Empire during that time frame.  You will see a broken family, one child disrespectful to his mother, the other hated by his father, both musical sensations.  The oldest child trying to get his father’s approval to take over the company.  Howard plays Luscious Lyon, the drug dealer turned rapper turned music executive.  I love him.  I mean really. He is smooth and forward, no nonsense.  You can see his disdain for his one son, Jamal (played by Jussie Smollet), who is wonderfully artistic, but chose the wrong sexuality in his eyes.  You can also see his extreme favor for his son Hakeem, played by Byshere Gray, the rapper with a silver tongue.  His money maker.

Cookie returns to get what is hers, can you blame her? Let’s see how this will work at as plans have started to take the stage.  Let me tell you, I am loving Cookie’s brutally honest remarks.  GO WATCH the episode.  It’s on e’rything! My favorite line: “Jamal got me wearing these weaves…you know, I don’t like ’em…got girls’s scalps smellin’ like goat ass.” Oh my gosh!!  I was dying this morning at my desk (I watched this episode twice). The struggle is real! The show, is ON POINT!

I am excited for the coming episodes!!

There was some slap back between Ms. Henson and 50 Cent…but you know how things go, right?

I am excited for a new drama on Wednesday nights.  I am definitely loving Ms. Taraji P. Henson.  She is so powerful as an actress and she commands that power in this show.

If you love music (or even have an ear for it), you should watch this show and follow.  There is some serious drama in this show.  I am excited! I am still trying to figure out Courtney Love’s character, Elle Dallas (I couldn’t place her in this first episode)!

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You can catch Empire on Fox on Wednesday Nights at 9pm.