Eli Roth Scores with The House with a Clock in it’s Walls


Eli Roth gets one right, finally! After a slough of terrible films (Hostel, The Last Exorcism, and we can’t forget the Piranha remake), Eli Roth hits one right outta the park! I must admit that upon hearing that he was directing this film I instantaneously became skeptical. Knowing his history, I was on guard!

This film starts out with some GORGEOUS scenery! The perfect layout for 1955 Americana. There are a bevy of amazing vehicles, a small town theater, little shops and all of those perfect elements that immerse you into this quaint and entirely lovely place, except for Jack Black and his friend Cate Blanchett.
In this beautiful eastern fall we meet Lewis a poor orphaned young boy who has been sent to his uncle’s house and we are shown that Jack Black and his friend Cate Blanchett are playing with a VERY different deck of cards!
This house has a secret and it’s up to Lewis, his uncle, and his neighbor to figure it out. Lewis is now on a journey of fitting in in a new town, finding friends and becoming a wizard all while dealing with the loss of his parents.
the story is filled with Incredible computerized Innovation, as well as a fantastic storyline! The interaction between Jack Black and Cate Blanchett is out of this world! The way the house is portrayed as being alive and the way the storyline unfolds is natural, incorporating humor, as well as dramatic elements.
Nearly every element of this film is perfect Lessing like the top of an apple pie sealing in the savory elements of the story and every slice I took was a delight! I do highly recommend this film as it left me quite impressed!