Eggo Surprises Fans With Waffle Truck At Stranger Things Season Premiere


Stranger Things, the much-anticipated Netflix original series, kicked off its second season yesterday with an exclusive Hollywood premiere, complete with a special touch from Eggo®. During the show’s first season, protagonist, Eleven, brought Eggowaffles front and center, and now Eggo is back again in the second season. Premiere-goers and fans stopped by the 80’s-themed Eggo Waffle Truck to fill their stomachs with culinary creations designed to complement the episodes.

Eggo is the perfect partner for watching all the new episodes, supplying fans with everything they need for their next Demogorgon battle, from upside-down recipes and spoiler blockers to Halloweenaccessories. Eggo‘s highly delicious and creative tools made specifically for Stranger Things fans include:

  • L’Eggo My Spoilers
    • If you can’t watch the season right away, Eggo has you covered with a spoiler blocker catered to Stranger Things that is available for download on Google Chrome! To download, visit the Chrome Web Store here.
  • Accessorize Your Eggo
    • Last year, Eleven costumes were one of the most popular choices of the year. With downloadable DIY sheets, you can take this year’s Stranger Things Halloween costume to the next level using an Eggo box!
  • Eggo’s Stranger Things Episode-Pairing Menu
    • Eggo has released a nine-course menu so you can pair an Eggo with each episode of Season 2, including a special appearance of the Eggo Triple Decker Extravaganza, a decadent stack of sweetness.

Eggo Episode Pairings:

  • Chapter 1: Eggo’s Mad Max Munchies
  • Chapter 2: Trick-or-Treat Eggo Freak
  • Chapter 3: Eggo’s Peanut Polliwog
  • Chapter 4: Eggo’s Will the Wise
  • Chapter 5: Eggo’s Dig Dug
  • Chapter 6: The Eggo Spy
  • Chapter 7: Eggo’s Lost Sister
  • Chapter 8: The Eggo Mind Flayer
  • Chapter 9: The Eggo Gate
  • The Eggo Triple Decker Extravaganza, as seen in Chapter 3

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