Ducktales Ep 5: Terror of the Terra-firmians!


This episode is Uncle Scrooge free this week; which stinks but the story must go on. This weeks episode revolves around Webby and Dewey having a heated argument about an ancient civilization that lives below the surface having a civil war for the right to rule their society.

The debate starts after seeing a scary mole man movie, which also leaves Launchpad in a state of fear and paranoia. The two start arguing with Lena (for those who didn’t see the previous episode, she’s a rebellious duck with mysterious background) at the helm of instigation and the peacekeeper as well with them deciding to go into the subway to look for this ancient tribe.  Without giving away scene by scene descriptions of what happens in the episode so you can view it yourself, this episode is cannon fodder with setting up how Mrs Beakley doesn’t trust Lena because she’s a bad influence and is a bad egg (get it? Ducks and eggs?).

After watching the episode, after such a strong opening episode and following ones as well, is this a good episode as a whole or is it a run off? To me, this episode doesn’t have enough comedic moments nor spectacle to stand on its own in the series. Is it bad? No, it wasn’t a bad episode but the background and scenery was dark, the plot wasn’t really strong and all we really have to understand in this episode is Lena is up to something despite putting on this teenage emo facade.

In the previous episode, Lena mentions a character from the previous Ducktales series that any fan would remember and that is when she addressed her “Aunt” Magica. Magica De Spell is from the previous Ducktales series and was a huge foil character for Scrooge McDuck. So, the seeds of distrust have been planted on Lena and we can only be suspicious of what her goal is with the McDuck tribe. As for Magica returning, as of this episode, we just see glimpses of a shadowy figure near Lena and her magic amulet she wears around her neck acting like the devil on her shoulder.  The two have a plan but it has not been revealed to the audience yet with Lena at the end of the episode basically saying its going to be a long game. One thing from the previous installment of Ducktales, it might revolve around Scrooge and his lucky dime.

Overall, if you miss this episode on Saturday, you didn’t really miss much of the episode. Last week’s episode set us up with Lena and that did more to move the story forward with her sudden acknowledgment of Magica. This episode was more like a blow off with not much going on, Launchpad acting paranoid thinking Louie is a mole creature and some silly, uninteresting banter with Huey and Webby. If you watch it for your own time, that’s fine. However, you can pass on it and just wait until next weeks episode without thinking you really missed any detail or big plot point.