Doctor Dark: A Ghastly Webseries Coming Soon


Written and Directed by Marcus Springer

Starring: Rodrig Andrisan (as Doctor Dark), Alice-Louise MacGillivray and Zoe Hammond

Series Producer: Tom Luc Sahara

Assistant Director: Richard Messenger

Executive Producer: Matthew C.Martino

Also starring: Georgie Calverley, Taly Vasilyev, Phelim Kelly, Paul Beaumont, Michael Lieber, Jill Buchanan, Ray Richardson and Michelle Somerszaule.

Doctor Darkovic lives a humble life in inner city London.He comes and goes from his flat with his neighbours unaware of the ghastly realities that go on inside.  He is a brilliant scientist, but due to his unorthodox methods, he has been banished from practicing medicine indefinitely.This doesn’t deter the Doctor as he continues on his mission to achieve the unachievable.  Only a few know his dark secrets and for some that might just be too late.  The series trailer is intriguing as it gives almost a “Frankenstein”.  It would be interesting to see how this low budget webseries  develops.  The show is produced by Saviour Mediatrickz Entertainment in association with Abby Jones Productions.