Disenchantment Returns for Season Two


Disenchantment season 1 was interesting. Even though it has an all-star cast and is created by the same people who made The Simpsons, some of the episodes were hit or miss. The characters of Beanie, Luci and Elfo at times grated my ears and some of the episodes were just annoying.

I figured this show didn’t have the sustaining intrigue as Simpsons or Futurama. With the way season 1 ended, it actually intrigued me as to how they will branch off from the kingdom of Dreamland and where were Beanie and her mom going? This review will have some spoilers. We will talk about the episode and what we can predict will come as the season continues.

Where we left Beanie and her mother, they were getting on a boat heading somewhere. They land in Maru (a desert kingdom) that is birthplace of Beanies’ mother. They meet her aunt, uncle and Jerry, who have ruled the land. Jerry has the brain of a ten year old and the aunt and uncle are a bit off-putting and seem to have a hidden agenda.

Throughout the episode, Beanie is trying to uncover the secrets that have been hidden from her. Each time she gets close, something stops her and is ultimately put to an end. During one of the evenings, she is told that she is part of a prophecy and needs to have a crown screwed into her head and thus the family will have fortune and power.

Beanie rejects that and fights with her mother along the way, since her mom is the one who turned Dreamland into stone and is fine with sacrificing her own daughter. After a fought battle, Beanie finds Luci and they find a way to communicate with the departed Elfo through a magic fire. Luci told him to go to hell, so they can resurrect him. Luci plunged ahead into a secret stairway to hell and Beanie is left behind. The entrance gets blocked, but the only way out is going down to hell.

This episode almost felt rushed with building up the eventual payoff of Beanie and Luci going to Hell. They could have milked out the awkwardness of the relatives and maybe have more of a setting in the land of Maru, but I guess they will leave all the uniqueness to when they are in hell. Jerry was the lone entertaining character that really didn’t push the plot forward, but added some humor to the story. I liked him and I hope he will return in some way, maybe in hell. The episode was entertaining, but not really laugh out loud funny.

It kept my interest and I am eager to see what will unfold as the season continues. If this is the level of humor that they are willing to do, then I’m just hoping it will continue to be entertaining. I hope we get the robot devil in the background as a cameo. Who wouldn’t love the robot devil showing up?