Digital Hollywood: Advanced Training For Those Who Are Seeking New Ideas


The Digital Hollywood conferences put on by Digital Hollywood Inc are one of the best places for people in the industry or starting out in the industry to get ideas. This conference is not a HOW TO start. You should have a few ideas of how the industry works and an idea of what direction you want to go before attending.

What this conference will offer to someone who is in the industry, whether it is for a year or 15 years is different insights and ideas on how to proceed in the entertainment industry utilizing the information of new developments of software, and hardware to assist with media production, social marketing and brand awareness.

You will have the rare opportunity to pick the minds (only for a few minutes) of veteran producers, studio executives, creators and distributors on their experiences of how to get your media content out there.

I had the rare opportunity to attend two panels which I highly recommend if you ever want to further your knowledge of how the movie and television industry works as they are both very informative to someone who comes with the right mindset.

The “DealMaking Process: From Feature Film, Reality TV and Specials to Web Series and Indie Film Making” offered alot of insight from veterans from Independent to Studio Content Creators.

One of the important takeaways from this particular panel is that production is to do your research. Kenny Christmas. the EVP for legal affairs for Mar Vista Entertainment made it a point for content creators to understand the process before pitching.  One can not simply break the rules without knowing what the rules are.

Another great panelist was Todd Garner who has held many titles including studio executive for Disney as well as Executive producer for many films such as Con Air, Waterboy and is the current CEO of Broken Road Pictures.

Garner spoke of the persistence and need to really love what you do and also make the movie that the team loves.  He gives great examples with movies of names of stars would make your head spin.  His podcast, now available on Podcast one called The Producers Guide is a great tool for those just starting to want to produce their own content and it gives wonderful tips and asks direct questions that sometimes producers can get paralysis analysis over.

The next panel was the “Hollywood Dealmaking Process”. Catherine Clinch is a progessor and writer for many television shows that became award winning paradigms for today’s content. The panel consisted of a diverse group of individuals talking about their experiences on attaching talent, developing content, and choosing which content for which provider is right for your audience.  This wasn’t a class for someone just wanting to learn about the process. It is a very long one that takes more than an hour to teach.

For someone who is looking to share ideas, further their knowledge and get a taste of what its like in the business side of the industry it is a wonderful place for you to be. If you are looking to pitch your project, get funding, or look at stars, this may not be the right venue for you and I do recommend film festivals such as the Austin Television Market coming up or even the American Film Market in November.