DC Universe: Swamp Thing – The Price You Pay


Wow, this episode just continues that roller coaster ride that was the last two. We get full confirmation that Matt (Henderson Wade) is Alec’s killer. Add to that his motive on why he did the dirty deed, just paints how much Avery (Will Patton) has everyone in his pocket, no matter how much they don’t want to be. We also get Daniel (Ian Ziering) origin this episode as he makes a “deal to become a devil” with the Phantom Stranger (Macon Blair).

All and all, this episode just continues to up the stakes for all the characters involved. Not to mention Swamp Thing (Derek Mears) is starting to get lost in his role and it doesn’t help Avery’s sending goons to nab him now. The whole sequence with the way Alec deals with them. OUCH. Plus we get more tension between him and Abby. Thankfully, it appears next episode appears to be a crux of all that.

If anything, the only plot threads that don’t get picked up this week are Maria (Virginia Madsen) and Susie (Elle Graham) are nowhere to be scene in this episode. I would have figured given with Daniel still being in the hospital,we’d have one scene of Maria reacting to Avery putting other things in the way of seeing her, while doing so RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. You’d figure there be more payback after she teased some before, but nope.

On the other hand, we get a lot of Woodrue (Kevin Durand) this episode (and I just love the utter ride this has been with the character), as he continues to descend into doing whatever it takes to test the samples he got from Abby and then Alec’s lab of Swamp Thing. Even his sick wife noting how much he’s fallen makes me wonder after this episode, we’re getting oh so closer to him becoming what he’s sadly destined to become.

Really, the only cliched part that bored me this episode was Abby (Crystal Reed) other than at the end, just moving between the other plots as more a witness to it all and nothing more in effecting the plot till the end. She just felt pointless this episode, and how the heck is she still in Marais? Given that she’s CDC wouldn’t they be asking for her to come back now with a new assignment?

But given how much Daniel, Woodrue, and Liz (Maria Sten) get in this episode. It is kind of nice to see Abby take a backseat for once. Let the supporting characters get their little spotlight (given sadly this show was already given the axe even before the first episode aired. I’ll take what I can get).

I’m really curious how this will all come to ahead as there are only four episodes left after this. I doubt this will all end perfectly, as the show was cut down a few episodes first before it got the cancellation notice.