DC Universe: Swamp Thing – Darkness on the Edge of Town


Well, that was a much needed shot in the arm. Though um– this episode took this term quite literally as several characters get possessed by a dark force that makes them relive their worst fears. A dark force that was hidden by the swamp and now we get a filler episode that works much better.

Oh, sure the whole face your greatest fear thing has been done before, but here at least it’s more exciting than the usual standard fare the previous episode gave us. Here at least it expands on the powers Swamp Thing (Derek Meers) has as Alec learns he can feel the presence of others who enter his swamp or even more know the secrets that have long since been buried.

Add, to which we get another glorious scene of Abby (Crystal Reed) and Woodrue (Kevin Durand) clashing. Again, this episode was the complete opposite of its predecessor. Everything that I wanted was shown in this episode.

We got more Abby investigating and using her scientific skills to combat the unknown. We got more Liz (Maria Sten) getting thrown into this weird mystical stuff and see her assist Abby in figuring what the heck is going on. We got more Daniel (Ian Ziering) trying to figure out the major change that’s going to occur for him, and why Abby is the center of it. We got all the characters who I want to see focused on get their due.

Add to that some brutally nightmarish stuff during the “fear” sequences. Yeah, this episode was a much relief compared to the last. Even if it again, it was filler. Well, okay one plot point involving Avery and Maria (Will Patton and Virginia Madsen), does change some things with their relationship and no doubt how Swamp Thing will come into their lives more.

That and at last we get a tease of what will come as Abby come’s face with her worst fear. Surprisingly, it has nothing at all to do with the Sunderlands, but her actual father. We learn this episode is perhaps more a monster than even Avery currently is.

But then again, this is Anton Arcane we’re talking about. And if you know previous incarnations of the character, you know things are going to get really bad eventually whenever he rears his head (or heads). I’m hopeful it might go down that angle, but if it doesn’t. I’m okay with this being the only tease of Anton we get.  Since we’ve had the character be the other side of the coin to Swamp Thing in everything else. The fact he’s just a mere shadow over Abby I can behind since Abby has only been in probably two other Swamp Thing media (the 1989 sequel movie and the TV series).

Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed this episode. It took a simple concept and spun its own take on it. We got some new plot continuation sprinkled throughout the episode. There were some brutal deaths (I literally cringed at the first one cause damn I HATE SNAKES and I also HATE putting my hand thru darn disposal for that exact fear), and some damn good nightmare fodder (aw the Sheriff does actually care for Deputy Cable). Plus Swamp Thing was able to again showcase more of his powers.

I have to say this is probably my favorite episode of the series thus far. I kind expect though it will be beaten eventually whenever Cassidy, Abby/Woodrue’s rivalry reaches its crux, or Maria get their focus episodes. But this one? This one goes beyond the normal plot and teases what this series could actually go for. Swamp Thing not dealing with all sorts of crazy things.