DC Universe: Swamp Thing – Brilliant Disguise


Well, this episode switched gears somewhat becoming something that felt like it belongs in daytime soap opera. Then again, I shouldn’t complain given I was hungering for some wrath from Maria (Virginia Madsen) the last episode, and damn does she lay out a doozie on Avery (Will Patton) this one.

Not to mention Alec (Andy Bean) returns due to (well let’s call it what it is this is a budget constrain episode, but hell they’ve done this thing before in past Swamp Thing media) so I’ll buy this “budget constrain” episode, because A.) Andy was so good as Holland in the first episode. B.) it helps foster more the Abby (Crystal Reed)/Alec subplot further. It also adds to the “Is Alec losing himself more into Swamp Thing (Derek Mears)?” plot that’s also be going on as well. We do get answers by episode’s end, but it’s so predictable to see where the show-runners are going with this. I mean does it have to be so easily predictable and not throw in some curve balls?

But the downside, I felt with this episode was how soap opera it was. More so than usual. I mean we learn some new things, but come on. Did it have to go that angle? Matt (Henderson Wade) was becoming a descent character, until the writers threw another damn cliché angle with his character. He’s almost gotten over one cliché, and now the damn show given us another. DAMMIT!

I mean, yeah Woodrue (Kevin Durand)’s whole plot in this show is also cliché, but I enjoy that one more. For the simple reason since comic readers KNOW where this subplot is headed. Well at least SHOULD head. I mean some roads should be seen where they’re going, because the absolute tragic fall of a character is kind fascinating to see. That’s why I enjoy anytime Woodrue is on, because it just shows another domino has fallen for him to what he’ll become.

For Matt, it just seems the writers don’t really know what to do with this character, other than stick him with cliché plots. Well, okay I enjoyed one cliché plot of his (being Alec’s killer), but the other two I can do without!

And that’s what really drags this episode down more than it should. How damn predictable it is. You can see where this show is going, and I kind of want to be surprised. Like the way this episode ends.. It ends so darn predictably that it made my eyes roll. I MEAN COME ON! That was the perfect end for one character. WHY DID THE SHOW HAVE TO DO THIS?! The show didn’t have to do that. Add to that, With some unique characters being on this show. The writers should be throwing some curveballs, but it seems they aren’t and that makes me sad.

Because with these characters (unlike say Daniel, Abby, Swamp Thing, and Woodrue) there should be something to make us care more for them. But now I’m just getting sick in the literal plot armor one character is beginning to have. They don’t have the same damn chemicals and mysticism that Swamp Thing has. SO HOW IN THE HELL did they survive the end of the episode when they shouldn’t? UGH!! So yeah the Abby/Alec stuff I enjoyed. Everything else? Mostly not so much.