DC Universe: Swamp Thing – 1.09 “The Anatomy Lesson”


Yuck. Usually, when I watch a horror movie when it ever comes to the autopsy scene I usually skip unless it’s in a theater and there’s no escape for me.

This one would be no different, but dammit the extra creepy factor of Swamp Thing (Derek Mears) being alive as Woodrue (Kevin Durand) opening and looking at every organ in his body. YUCK, but also what was I going to expect with Woodrue? Him just to go soft on a captured Swamp Thing? NOPE and boy he does in most of this episode.

Abby (Crystal Reed) thinks of one of the right reasons as to how Swamp Thing was swampnapped in the last episode, and in a very nice scene with her and Liz (Marie Sten) the two begin a quest to free the captured plant elemental. Ah, but we get also get the coming hour of need that Daniel (Ian Ziering) has been stuck in Marais, and the Phantom Stranger (Macon Blair) is here to collect on that promise. But do we learn what happened to Harlan? NOPE. Like seriously this show is gonna let me buy that he was just sent on another mission by the CDC when it clearly looks like he kidnapped by Conclave. ….. We’re never gonna find out are we? ARGH!

Anyway, this episode was the crossing point for Woodrue and does he pay for this obsession with Swamp Thing. I mean it was predictable yes, but to finally see Woodrue after being introduced in episode two and we’re here at this point. Yep, he is just one more domino away from true supervillainy. I kind of hope we see it in the final episode. I dunno.

Avery (Will Patton) and Maria (Virginia Madsen) subplot comes to a head, and I’m somewhat disappointed in it. I was rooting for you Maria. Your plan was perfect, just that well Avery is just more demented and prepared than you. Plus it helps that you basically were possessed by an evil spirit for half this series. So– yeah. That so didn’t help your cause.

See that’s the problem I have with this series. If it had known it was only going to be ten episodes instead of an entire series. It would have been mighty interesting to see what other directions this show would have gone. Instead, this feels like a TV series that doesn’t know it’ll be canceled. Besides Harlan, we still have the threat of the Rot (which I guess was what caused Avery his delusions last episode or was one of many things that forged the man to be the bastard that he is today). We barely have anything other than how powerful the Conclave organization is.

On the plus side, it was nice seeing the Daniel’s subplot finally reach a point that maybe can get some finality. That and poor Matt (Henderson Cable) seems about tired of this soap opera surrounds his character and he breaks down (wait I’m siding with Matt now after all these reviews? Huh).

That, and Swamp Thing really beginning to question his origins. Is he Alec? Is he something else entirely? The episode ends on one of the things Alan Moore‘s comic book run was famous for. Will it go the same route? I guess we’ll see as after the next episode. No more Swamp Thing, which is a darn shame. You could see the possibilities of good in some of these episodes. Well, when the burden of being a serial TV show in other aspects. This episode though? It fully embraced the comics and it was one of the stronger episodes of the series for it.