Daredevil Season Packs a Punch


As two of the Defenders Netflix series go the way of the dinosaur we are also given Daredevil’s third season. It picks up after the events of The Defenders limited 8 episode season where Matt Murdock and the others stopped The Hand and Daredevil disappears with his friends believing him dead.

We find Matt, convalescing, on the verge of death being nursed back to health by a nun. He heals a bit more but finds his powers to be out of whack. Not knowing who he is without being Daredevil Mat now has to search inside himself all the while fighting to take down Wilson Fisk and a new threat…Bullseye!

The manner in which this season plays out is not always the right speed but, never truly feels like it wastes your time with filler. The actors reprising their roles (Karen Page, Foggy, Matt, and Fisk) are fantastic. In fact, this is the most interesting Karen has ever been. The 10 episode formula only lasted through one season of Iron Fist and jumped back to the established 13 episode per season run with Daredevil‘s third go around.

The action is what you’d expect from the series and the addition of Bullseye as his secondary villain doesn’t really change that. The story is like a lightweight version of the classic Frank Miller Era, Daredevil tale, Born Again. It isn’t as awesome as that story is but, it digs deeper in to Karen and Matt’s respective pasts and does a lot of history building for the eventual Bullseye. It helps establish him as a valid threat to Matt Murdock and friends.

As a whole, this tertiary set of episodes may be the best of them so far. The story was the most captivating and thought out one they’ve presented and man, oh man that final fight scene is crazy good. Hopefully, it’s enough to keep this show afloat as Netflix seems to be cleaning house of Marvel’s properties. I’ll give Daredevil‘s season three a 4.5 out of 5.