Comic Con @ Home Brings the Funny with the Cast of Archer


These Comic-Con @ Home panels are hit and miss. Given the nature of the guests and the way it is being presented, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. Thankfully, the cast of Archer did not disappoint.

Though the original reason for the panel was the celebrate the show going into its 11th season on FX it very quickly turned into a chance for the cast to catch up and reminisce about their time on the show. In other circumstances that might not be very entertaining but in a room full of comedians it’s nice to see them let loose.

The panel included Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates, plus executive producer Casey Willis. Willis served as the moderator, and he did his best, but really it was just nice to listen to the cast all catch-up.

Because Archer is an animated series one forgets that the actors are rarely in the same room together. One of the first things they mentioned was they only really see each other at conventions so not doing it this year is strange for all of them. The clear difference between voice acting and standard acting became a lot more apparent as the panel went on. Most of the cast didn’t notice a huge difference in how they recorded the show post-COVID though everyone seemed to be showing signs of handling the quarantine differently. Toilet paper became an instant subject of conversation.

One of the most fascinating things about watching the Archer cast interact without any real guidelines or censors is they really do seem to fall into their respective roles pretty naturally. Tyler, a talk show host, and comedian was the de facto leader of the group while Greer and seemed to exude the same personality traits as their characters on the show. Strangely, or maybe even more so because of this dynamic, Parnell was the quietest of the bunch. He opened up a few times near the end but for the most part just sort of watched it all unfold with everyone else.

The panel was not without its surprises. Executive Producer Casey Willis noted that this was the first time they’ve done a Comic-Con panel before the series has aired. Usually, they are talking about episodes after the fact when the new season is still a few months from airing. He noted that this season would bring some big names to the show including Simon Pegg and, in a bit of a Halloween reunion, Jamie Lee Curtis in a reoccurring role.

It’s great to see the eccentric cartoon still going strong after more than a decade. Hopefully, next year’s panel will be in San Diego again so everyone can really let loose.