Comic-Con At Home presents: V/H/S 94



The 4th movie in the found footage Horror series, the V/H/S ’94 panel is moderated by Fangoria writer Richard Newby, and featured Simon Barrett, Timo Tjahjanto, Jennifer Reeder, Ryan Prows, Chloe Okuno, Josh Goldbloom and Brad Miska.

For the first time in V/H/S movie history, the four vignettes follow a single, fluid narrative, with each section story linking together to form one larger story. There is of course a wraparound story in true V/H/S fashion, the easy story of an SWAT raid involving what they think is a drug lab raid, but turns out to be far more dangerous!

The new stories involve a new employee at a funeral home, asked to record an overnight wake for the family; a local TV reporter investigating the story of the Rat-Man enters a storm drain with her cameraman; in Terror, lovable militia goofs get their hands on a supernatural element they plan on coercing the government with; and finally, the Subject has a Frankenstein-like scientist creating strangeness of his own and the cops intent on their own brand of justice.

The directors talked about the research they did for their vignettes – authentic 1994 cameras and styles of shooting, to take a combination of established non-found-footage filmmakers from the era to follow, for the year when amateur video became a kind of reporting source.

The panelists talked about the difficulty of shooting during the 2020 pandemic in Ontario, Canada, how 2 of them had to quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks before they could even begin shooting, and how stores had removed anything they considered nonessential from the shelves, which makes getting a pack of white t-shirts they intend to drench in fake blood, for example, problematic! Everything had to be shipped to the shooting set, creating yet more delays. Indeed, an actor cast as the cameraman for the Rat-Man vignette was exposed to Covid on another set literally a day before the shooting of their story, and had to be replaced at the last minute!

The V/H/S franchise has a long-standing fandom and the creators of the 4th installment have high hopes to not disappoint! And of course, everyone was super grateful to the Horror channel Shudder, for their encouragement and willingness to back yet another V/H/S film!

V/H/S’94 streams exclusively on the Shudder channel in Fall 2021!