“Clerk” Proves To Be A Funny, Heartfelt Tribute To Kevin Smith


Snoochie Boochies! November 23rd saw the release of an all-new documentary chronicling the life of writer/director Kevin Smith. Packed with hours of brand new interviews from friends, colleagues, influences, and even fans, “Clerk” serves as a heartfelt tribute to the self-proclaimed “SmodFather”.

The documentary is the latest directorial venture of Canadian filmmaker Malcolm Ingram (“Small Town Gay Bar”), a longtime friend of Smith’s. Initially conceived as an autobiographical coffee table book (later published as “Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash”), the idea to make “Clerk” as a documentary came directly from Malcolm Ingram, according to Smith. The film begins with Smith himself driving us through his hometown of Highlands, New Jersey. Set to the dulcet tones of Bruce Springsteen’s “My Hometown”, it becomes clear we’re in for a good time down memory lane. Smith serves as a “narrative guide” throughout the film, taking us into various locations throughout the central Jersey suburbs. One stop of course being Quick Stop Groceries, where it all began. 

Chronicling every film Smith has made (with the exception of Cop Out), the film features interviews from Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran, Richard Linklater, Jason Reitman, Marc Bernardin, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Brian Quinn, Ralph Garman, Lily-Rose Depp, Harley Quinn Smith, Jennifer Schwalbach, Grace Smith, Don Smith, Raquel Castro, Betty Aberlin, and also features one of the final interviews given by the late, great Stan Lee. 

Packed full of wonderful stories and some never-before-seen footage from various fan events hosted over the years, “Clerk” is sure to delight any fan of the View Askewniverse.