Christopher Robin Is A Delightful Romp Through Life’s Simple Pleasures


In this particular day and age of instant gratification, technology and the need to “get somewhere” the movie Christopher Robin is a constant reminder of one thing.  All the material wealth in the world will not buy back the precious time lost without experiencing life to the fullest.

This isn’t a tale about an animated bear in the hundred acre wood with troubles as simple as filling his tummy with copious amounts of honey.  It’s about the young boy who lived his life at the moment experiencing what this great world has to offer.

In this particular story, Christopher has grown up with a wife and a family. He has a job and certain responsibilities that when one becomes an adult, cannot simply ignore.  He couldn’t be the hero saving Pooh from himself or even dealing with Tigger’s mischievous ways. And as far as he is concerned, his young daughter, Madeline, has far too much to learn before she sets out into the world on her own.

Pooh has noticed the emptiness of the Hundred Acre Wood without Christopher around so he decides to set out and find him.  Soon enough Pooh finds an older, haggard Christopher clutching his case of important things, lamenting on a park bench.  This is where the true story begins.

In this film, Pooh believes he is the one who lost his friends and is searching for them. Truly what is lost here is Christopher Robin and his sense of self. There are times where we let the noise of the world control who we are, what we think and we even get lost in this madness.  This movie is a reminder to stop and smell the roses once in a while and show yourself some compassion.  It is how we renew our strength and belief in ourselves to cope with another day.

Another important lesson is that of inclusion.  Pooh can go about his business searching for more honey without Christopher or the rest of his friends but what fun would that be.  It’s better to do things with someone else to share in the experience.  The goal of finding the others with Christopher was Pooh’s intent to make things fun.

The movie isn’t a retelling of the original story, It is the imaginative perspective of the team to tell what happens when a young boy like Christopher Robin is exposed to the world of adulting and what it can do to you if you forget your childhood.  This movie is definitely aimed at audiences for nostalgia and does its job quite well.

I would highly recommend watching this movie with family especially with your older children to remind them of the simple joys of life. A great movie to have around during the holidays.