Christmas Special Spectacular: Christmas Comes To PacLand


It’s the holiday season where shows reach deep into their thinking caps and create festive episodes that the family can enjoy. From X files to A Star Wars Holiday Spectacular, no one is left unscathyed by the Christmas Spirit.

For the next few weeks we will walk down memory lane looking at some of these shows and see if you can remember watching any of these from your childhood.

Christmas Comes to Pac Land

This 1982 television movie was released at the hight of Pac Man Fever.  Namco’s iconic Pac Man had grown into spinoffs of Ms Pac Man. Super Pac Man, Baby Pac Man, and so on. The animated series Pac Man was created by the power team of Willam Hanna and Joseph Barbera, whose credits include the Smurfs, Johnny Quest, The Flinstones and more.

In this particular Christmas special, Pac man had a family which consisted of: Pepper  Pac Man, Pac baby, Chomp Chomp (their dog) and Sour Puss (their cat).  The show starts off with the family enjoying their time in the snow creating the famous ghosts, Pinky, Inky, Blinky, Clyde, and Sue. The family goes on a taboggan ride when suddenly they are pursued by the ghosts.   After a snowball fight and well placed power pellets, the ghosts are defeated and the family is once again safe from another ordeal.

Santa Clause is on his way to delivering toys to the children and his sled is knocked off course by the fleeing ghosts. The sled spirals out of control and crashes in Pac Land and the toys for all the good girls and boys are lost somewhere in the wilderness.

The citizens of Pac Land discover Santa and his sled in the forrest and get him to safety from the elements. Santa explains to them what Christmas is and why it is important to retrieve the toys and make sure that Christmas still happens despite the accident.

This short  holiday special is sure to bring back some memories and the comical voices of the ghosts will bring a smile to your face.  And like most of the animated shows of the era, it carries some positive messages including ones of cooperation and friendship.