Check Yourself Into The Hotel Artemis For One Action-Packed Night


One night is all you need to keep safe in riot-torn LA, but you better hope your membership is current. Hotel Artemis is a criminal’s safe haven in their time of need, a place in plain sight, but altogether a myth and behind it all, The Nurse played by Jodie Foster.

Foster puts on an incredible performance, as she quickly waddles from room to room tending to the lot of criminals hosted on this very important night. Each member is assigned a room named after luxurious travel destinations, Sterling K. Brown plays Waikiki, Sofia Boutella plays Nice, and Charlie Day is Acapulco.

As the riots outside continue to creep closer, things begin to heat up inside. To keep things under control, The Nurse relies on Everest, her assistant played by Dave Bautista. These two were a perfect match and Bautista was refreshing without all the body make-up.

I believe it is worth noting that the pair, along with director Drew Pearce used the film and the friendship as a way to address anxiety as one of the themes of the film. The Nurse hasn’t been outside the Artemis in years and throughout the film she is riddled with anxiety and torn between fulfilling her duties or succumbing to her fears. Everest is her crutch as he pushes her to face it head on and helps her copes with the source of it all.

While this subtle theme plays out, the film continues on with the action as the tension boils over between members. The interactions between Brown, Boutella and Day are well written and add a tinge of comedy in an overall action movie which includes it fair share of death and destruction.

The film is a well-rounded story that has an all-star cast to carry it through from beginning to end with awe and excitement.