Central Intelligence – 2016


Release Date: June 17, 2016
Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Writers: Ike Brarinholtz (screenplay), David Stassen (screenplay), Ike Barinholtz (story) David Stassen (story)
Production Co: New Line Cinema, Blue Grass Films
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Amy Ryan, Danielle Nicolet
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for crude and suggestive humor, some nudity, action violence and brief strong language

First….throwback like a mutha to 1996. I mean, who remembers the music of the 90s? Best era eva!
The movie opens with En Vogue’s, Never Gonna Get It. PERFECT!
I don’t know about you, but I loved this movie.

CJ (Hart) is reunited with a high school classmate, Bob (Johnson) days before his high school reunion. Things get crazy after the first meet up at the bar. Let’s just say, the other guys didn’t fair well.
As the movie progresses, you can see a bond form, trust broken, and people caught in a web of lies. Who doesn’t love a good intrigue???

Bob Stone is kinda creepy. He’s your really weird friend that uses song lyrics as jabs. So, maybe not creepy, just that “one” friend that you don’t hang with, often. Watch the facial expressions, you’ll see what I am talking about. HAHA!

Love the action! You just may find yourself singing along or dancing in your seat, I know I Did!

I like the pairing of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson (I only see:Tha Rock!). I think they kinda balance each other out.
If you are looking for a laugh, or a brodate, go check this one out!!