Celebrate the first Marvel heroine in the MCU: Captain Marvel.


Marvel had a variety of characters to choose from their catalog of female superheroes to introduce into their universe.

Following the strong roles and ideals of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America comes Carol Danvers, better known to us as Captain Marvel. DC had already introduced its main female heroine, Wonder Woman with glowing results and now it was Marvel’s time to shine.

The creation of this character is a wonderful addition. Marvel’s intention for Captain Marvel was to become one of the new pillars of the MCU Phase 4. In this origin story, we are introduced to Vers, a fierce warrior, faced with some very real issues. A warrior with a heart. Her emotion is what her superior tells her, is what keeps her from reaching her full potential. It is the classic struggle of the self vs society and in this case, struggling to fall in line with the and still dealing with a past that will define her future later in the movie. Carol seeks to find her own identity and just doesn’t realize it yet.

As we move further in the story, an event occurs where Vers is captured by the Skrull; a race of doppelgangers who are in a constant battle with the Kree empire. Vers is being interrogated for some information and in doing so, they release some deep-rooted memories of her past that she wasn’t able to recall before.

The film takes the audiences on a third person perspective with Carol in discovering her past and true identity. Her journey takes her to Earth where she is pursuing the Skrulls to find out what they know about a specific technology and prevent it from falling into their hands.

This is also the point where we are introduced to two familiar faces; Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. Phil is just a brand new agent and Fury is his senior partner.  This was before the solidification of S.H.I.E.L.D and its Avengers initiative.

Through the playful interation of Fury and Vers, we discover more about their backgrounds. They both were soldiers and had the same self doubt and identity issues that everyone goes through. It’s nice to see Samuel Jackson in a more playful role, a definite welcome change from the constant “angry man” syndrome.

The film will bring you back to the late eighties early ninetys where we were still using AOL and connecting to the internet sounded like a poor robot was being ground to death by horrible razor blades.  As usual, music choices were impeccable bringing you back to the era of bands like Garbage, No Doubt and more.

You also won’t want to miss the extra features one of which I thought was particularly important.

The DVD/Blue Ray release has some great features including

Gag Reel

Deleted Scenes (one of which shouldn’t have been deleted that would have enhanced the story)

Background story of the main attraction  GOOSE!

Origin stories of Nick Fury, the Skrulls, and the Kree

It’s a good film and a great start to bringing out the female heroines in the MCU. Captain Marvel is fierce and independent woman who is up to the challenge of whatever her new journey takes her.