It’s been 13 years since the dynamic dealer-duo Jay and Silent Bob have graced the big screen with their presence. This fall, the two will return to theatres in what’s sure to be the comedic event of the year, “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”!

As every year, writer/director/star Kevin Smith and star Jason Mewes graced the stage of Hall H to deliver Smith’s usual Q&A panel, as well as debut some new footage from the anticipated sequel.
The panel kicked off with Smith setting the stage for what fans can expect from Jay and Silent Bob’s next turn on the big screen. “For those that remember, in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jay and Silent Bob find out that Hollywood is making a movie based on them and they go to Hollywood to stop it. I like to think I’ve grown as a filmmaker since 2001 and I’ve matured as a storyteller. In Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Jay and Silent Bob find out that Hollywood is making a reboot of that old movie and so they go to Hollywood to stop it again. It’s the same movie all over again.”
Smith introduced his co-stars Jason Mewes and Harley Quinn Smith, who then proceeded to introduce the film’s new trailer. The trailer invoked a lot of laughs and thrills not felt since the early 2000s. Immediately following the trailer was an exclusive-to-SDCC clip from the film in which pop culture junkie Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee) informs our heroes of the upcoming “Bluntman v Chronic”, a reboot of the old Bluntman and Chronic movie based on Jay and Silent Bob.
After the clip, the crowd was surprised by none other than Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist, who introduced another scene featuring her character, the newly-rebooted Chronic. Benoist plays opposite Val Kilmer as Bluntman in a scene that blew the roof off Hall H.
After the footage, Smith and the cast took to the stage to answer questions from the audience. During which, Smith revealed the possibility of a revival of his once-cancelled Clerks III script, saying “When I wrote Clerks 3, I wrote it during a weirder, darker point in my life, and it’s kind of like the King Lear of our movies. I love it, it’s one of my favorite scripts, but it’s dark. It’s bleak, and it’s not what Dante and Randal deserve. We’re never going to make that version of Clerks 3, but I’m going to write a different Clerks 3 and we’re going to make that fucking film, I promise. And in a world where we got to bring Ben (Affleck) back, I’ll be able to bring Jeff (Anderson) back. They gave me this much, I owe them one last thing.”
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will have its first preview screenings on October 15 and 17  via Fathom Events. This will be followed by Jay and Silent Bob’s Reboot Roadshow Tour with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith beginning in Chicago on October 21st. Get your tickets now at!