CCI 2019: Deep Blue, WORLD’S BIGGEST SHARK, to “Swim” the Streets of Downtown San Diego at Comic-Con


Comic-Con attendees and fans will come face to face with Deep Blue, thought to be the world’s biggest and most elusive great white shark …without having to leave dry land!

Measuring 20 ft/ long, Deep Blue, named after the real-life, largest great white shark ever filmed and now featured in Nat Geo and Nat Geo WILD’s upcoming simulcast special, “World’s Biggest Great White?” premiering July 21, 8/7c, will be hard to miss.

This one-of-a-kind, man-made creation, supported by five handlers, streams across the streets of downtown San Diego. Deep Blue will follow the current to some of the city’s most popular attractions, which is sure to create a photo-feeding frenzy among Comic-Con attendees. Shark lovers are invited to capture fin-tastic moments to share online.

Saturday, July 20, starting at 10AM and continuing throughout the day. Deep Blue takes her last swim at Nat Geo’s Nerd Nite annual San Diego Comic-Con Party to celebrate the reimagined “Brain Games.”