C2E2 2018: Supermansion Comes to Chicago to Talk Season Three


C2E2 started off with a bang as the cast and creators of Crackle’s Supermansion came out for the convention to discuss the brand new season of the series which airs May 7 on Crackle.

“I love coming to conventions, it’s so much fun,” says series regular Breckin Meyer. “We were just at WonderCon and there was a guy dressed head-to-toe as Black Saturn and every time it is super exciting and super sweet. It’s this amazing thing, this dedication that the fans have is so amazing and so much fun.”

When we last left our heroes Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) was declared a hero after saving the world and made honorary member of the League of Freedom. Now that the Injustice League is sharing the same house heroes and villains must learn to live together to combat the evil of the world. The results, as with all things in the Supermansion universe, are sure to be hilarious. That’s My Entertainment caught up with the Supermansion crew to talk about what’s ahead for the show as it goes into its third season.

“We take inspiration from everywhere, from the whole thing,” explains series co-creator Matthew Senreich.”We grew up reading comic books so we know all the superheroes, we love all the superheroes. We use all of them to parody.”

Photo credit: Leon Rudzin

The writers explain that season three will allow the dynamics to shift in ways they couldn’t in previous seasons. “It’s people that probably don’t get along together great, all having to live together. There are bathroom scenes Robodino he has to sleep in the bathroom because there’s not enough space, he’s not super jazzed about that. The first episode does have a Real World vibe to it. Like everyone getting their new rooms and figuring out where people stay,” notes Zeb Wells, series writer and voice of Robobot.

After three years on the show and almost a decade on Robot Chicken the creators have mastered how to create truly unique, funny characters. “Character always comes first. You start with what’s going to be good for the story. Even Supermansion versus Robot it’s story first then character,” says Senreich. “The actor always comes in and brings their own spin to it,” agrees Wells.

To find out what fun season three holds check out Supermansion, streaming on Crackle May 7.