“BROTHERS IN ARMS” Looks Back On A Vietnam War Classic


In 1986, Oliver Stone’s seminal Vietnam War film Platoon hit theaters. The film was an unprecedented critical and commercial success, earning eight Academy Award nominations and winning four including Best Picture.

After more than 30 years later, writer/director/actor Paul Sanchez (“Doc” in the original Platoon) reassembled his battalion of actors to sit down and talk about their experiences during production on Platoon.

The documentary, appropriately titled “Brothers In Arms”, features interviews from most of Platoon’s principle cast including Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Mark Moses, Tony Todd, Keith David, Kevin Dillon, and Sanchez himself. The documentary premiered last Saturday at the Calabasas Film Festival and presents an intricate look at the making of the beloved tale from casting all the way to the film’s release and the impact it had on America. Also appearing in the film is Captain Dale Dye who served as the film’s military consultant and trainer.

Having served in Vietnam themselves, it was important to both Stone and Dye that they capture the real essence of what life was like for soldiers during the war. To accomplish this, Dye put the actors through rigorous boot camp training and treated the actors just as if they were real soldiers. Other humorous stories are shared throughout the film as well, such as Depp nearly urinating on Stone as he slept in retaliation for making him do multiple takes in the middle of a rainstorm.

With heartwarming tales, laughs, and plenty of nostalgic memories to go around, “Brothers In Arms” is sure to delight all fans of the original film. “Brothers In Arms” is tentatively scheduled to be released this fall.