Brothers In Arms Documentary Reflects the Friendships That Are Forged After A War


March 11 will be the world premiere of the documentary Brothers In Arms. It is not only a retrospective look at the behind the scenes process of one of the most iconic Vietnam War films in history, but also a in depth at the relationships between the cast, crew and others who were involved in creating a masterpiece at the beginning of most of these actors’ careers.

Paul Sanchez, the director and also played Doc in the movie,  has brought out the truth with many of the original players. The cast includes Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen (who the film is narrated by), Willem DaFoe, Tony Todd, John C. McGinley, Tom Berringer, Mark Moses, Keith David, Forrest Whitaker, Mark Ebenhoch, and more who have volunteered their personal insights on what worked and what didn’t when film was made.

Training camps, political uprisings and long nights of filming in a strange land kept this group of young men in tune with each other and that camaraderie helped them to survive the one of the toughest environments that would not even be considered in today’s production standards.

We were able to catch up with John to ask him about his experiences in “Platoon”.

TME: It’s been a little more than 30 years since the film. It’s an iconic piece of cinema and has even been called one of the best Vietnam war films of all time.  When you first took the Oliver stone project did you have any idea where it would lead?

JCM: No one had any idea, where the film would lead. No, one!

TME: Based on the description Brothers In Arms concentrates more on the relationships forged within the cast who would go on to be major players in today’s film and television world.  Do you all keep in touch

JCM: We do not stay in touch. Everyone, has gone on to lives that are filled with other obligations and commitments. However? Whenever we do cross path’s? We immediately pickup from right where we left off (in the Philippines).

TME: How much time did you all actually spend on or off set with these guys?

JCM: Off the set, we spent every waking second together. Remember: we were a long, long way from home. And, all we had was, each other.

TME: Was Platoon your main gig at the time or did you have other things in the works?

JCM: Platoon was everybody’s one-and-only gig. None of us had anything else going on. Nothing.

TME: How long after college did you get the platoon role and did any of your training at NYU prepare you for this?

JCM: I was cast in Platoon, two years after I graduated from the Graduate Acting Program at NYU (’84). And Everything that I learned in school, was marshaled and called upon, to get me through the making of that film.

TME: How long after college did you get the platoon role and did any of your training at NYU prepare you for this?

JCM: I’d do it again tomorrow. So long as I was surrounded by the same ensemble of actors that participated in the original.

To hear these tales live with the original cast and then getting to ask those burning questions that were never answered will be a treat for war film enthusiasts and fans of the actors in this film.

The film will be shown on the closing night event of the Cinequest film festival in San Jose . A special Q and A will be held by the film’s director Paul Sanchez and co-stars Charlie Sheen and John C. McGinley, who will also be present for the closing night party to be held at the Hyatt Place Gallery.

Information about the event can be found here: Click the picture below!

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