Brockmire: One Of The Best Comedies Under The Radar


Season 2 of IFC’s hit comedy Brockmire, about an alcoholic unfiltered baby boomer who suffered a major melt down on air, comes to an amazing start and the season is almost over.

Brockmire is crude and absolutely vulgar but is brutally honest. Its like having the social media voice of Nihilist Arby’s in a character that is flesh and blood, similarly to the character rantings of other beloved characters such as Bruce Campbell’s splatstick legend Ash Williams and John C. McGinley’s iconic Dr Percival Ulysses Cox.

The show deals with some serious topics like racism, generation gaps, love, death, and the reason for existence, wrapped up in a whiskey filled glass of torment and shame.

Utkarsh Ambudkar, Dreama Walker Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/IFC

Throughout this season Brockmire is recovering from the woeful disgrace of a public meltdown and on his road to redemption. He has filled his time and emptiness with a podcast created by his manager, partner and friend Charles, who does his fair share of keeping the infamous celebrity in check.  The stories are wild, crazy and uncensored; something that every young millennial in this age want’s to get a hold of.

Opportunities don’t come around often and this season Brockmire is tested as his old franchise is giving him a second chance to get back in the saddle of announcing Atlanta’s major league games. One caveat is that he must compete for the spot with up and coming announcer Raj who is hungry for a chance to prove himself.

Its a non stop adventure for Charles and Brockmire, holding down a podcast, keeping up with the demands from the team management and public relations, while keeping up some semblance of a love life.  The scenarios written into this comedy created by Joel-Church Cooper are completely outrageous yet tickles the mind as well as the funny bone.

Hank Azaria, Tyrel Jackson Williams Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/IFC

The season is coming to a close with a scant 8 episodes but fear not as IFC has renewed the show for 2 more seasons; until 2020. It is a wonderful binge as long as you don’t get offended easily and definitely worth the watch.