BREAKING: Disney Reinstates James Gunn for GotG Vol.3


In a surprise move the Mouse House went back on its decision to fire director James Gunn off of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. This is surprising for a number of reasons. If you remember, Gunn was let go in July of 2018 because social media had unearthed some unflattering things he said more than a decade ago and Disney deemed them inappropriate for someone leading one of it’s top franchises. Even with lots of backlash from fans Disney stuck to its guns and Gunn left the studio.

Shortly after he signed on to direct Suicide Squad 2 for DC Comics at Warner Bros. a direct competitor to Disney and Marvel. Reports state the film was already in pre-production as a new roster and some casting had been announced.

The question now becomes, what happens next? With Gunn back at the helm for Marvel will he abandon DC and Suicide Squad? He would do a great job with the franchise and give it the jolt it needs. His colleague Joss Whedon managed to direct both The Avengers and Justice League for competing studios, maybe Gunn could do the same.

Having Disney cave is rather unprecedented as well. The studio is big enough to take a loss with Guardians 3 if it had to but the fact that they finally realized he was fundamental to making the franchise work says volumes. It also means the studio is mature enough to not judge a person for past mistakes, something it’s movies have taught for decades.