BREAKING: Disney Breaks Ties with James Gunn Over Tweets


In news that will shake the entire future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it was announced today that Disney is cutting ties with James Gunn and another director will take the helm for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3.

Gunn is being held accountable for tweets that have recently resurfaced where he joked about pedophilia and rape. Since neither of those line up with Disney’s mission statement or the image they want to project it was decided that they would sever ties.

What makes this all the more significant is that Gunn was expected to be a driving force in Marvel’s phase four films. Everything from Guardians Vol.3 and beyond was supposed to set the tone for future movies. All of that is in question at the moment.

This isn’t the first time a director was removed from a film while it was in production. Edgar Wright parted ways with Disney due to creative differences on Ant-Man and that turned out well. How this will effect upcoming Marvel releases is anyone’s guess.