Boba Fett Chapter 2 Finally Does the Bounty Hunter Justice


The first episode of Boba Fett, while good, moved at a rather slow pace and seemed more like a filler episode. That’s generally not good when you’re talking about a show that fans have been asking about for decades. Thankfully episode two rights that wrong and provides a much better groundwork for not just the show but Fett himself.

Episode two shows us a Fett that’s trying to be good in a world that really wants him to go bad. He’s always been viewed as an anti-hero but this week’s episode showed that he has so much heart and humility that’s never really been shown before.

That’s not to say that he’ll ever be soft and cuddly, but he knows how to fight for the underdog. The first half of this episode has Fett confronting two of Jabba’s cousins in an effort to prove that he now runs the town. For the most part, it works and does a bit of world-building in the process. The show also introduces us to Black Krrsantan who is a part of the amazing Doctor Aphra comic book. Seriously if you haven’t read that series I highly recommend it. Let’s hope we get some Doctor Aphra down the road as well.

The episode really shines in its second half. Picking up where we left off Boba Fett is still imprisoned by the Tusken Raiders but he has found a way to gain their trust. He is studying under one of their warriors and learning their ways. Shortly into that period, a high-speed train comes and literally hunts them down. Regardless of his social standing that action strikes a nerve and Fett goes off to avenge his fallen comrades.

Without spoiling too much he not only gains their trust but manages to change their entire culture in the process. He introduces them to new technology and sets them up as a powerful tribe on Tatooine. It’s with that knowledge that one must come to the conclusion that Boba Fett manages to do more for the people of Tatooine than Luke Skywalker ever did. He sees the raiders as not savages but the indigenous people of the planet. The Dances with Wolves vibe was strong in the episode.

It will be interesting to see where the rest of the series goes. Honestly, it could have spent the entire first season leading up to Fett taking the throne and that would have been enthralling. Now they just need to make the present more interesting than the past.