Between Worlds Let’s Nicholas Cage Do His Thing

This is another endeavor from Nicolas Cage to kind of get back into the game, unfortunately it is not a very good attempt.

I found that the film moves along very rapidly, so rapidly that it almost immediately took me out of the story. After that it was pretty much skinemax or softcore porn, as Nicolas Cage spent much of the film having a romp with two separate women. What made this really difficult is that this was a mother/daughter situation.
As far as the story goes Nick Cage is in a down-and-out truck driver who happened to cross a lady being choked in a bathroom stall and “rescues” her. This leads to him following her out and go parking lot and after a brief conversation where she tells him that her daughter is in the hospital having been in a serious accident. She also discloses that when she gets choked she can drift into a different realm and had the ability to see things.
These situations are gone, if there is some build up, but that doesn’t happen here. They rush right into super familiarity and next thing you know Nick Cage and the mom are at the hospital! Seriously people?! you invite someone to the hospital that you met at a truck-stop bathroom? This was pretty a ridiculous start to a story that just got worse.
In the story you see that the daughter has left her body and that Nick Cage’s ex-wife has taken over. this, of course, causes major problems as Nick Cage has been sleeping with her mom, but is now being seduced by what he thinks is the daughter. Over the course of the story the daughter / ex-wife becomes more malicious and we find out that the wife wasn’t killed as much as caused her own death.
As I said, the story is very convoluted and difficult to follow primarily because it just doesn’t make a lot of sense and the characters aren’t strongly developed. I admit I was rather disappointed with this film and would like to have seen more exploration of the see the characters more fully develop would have been much more interesting, also removing some of the sex scenes would have been equally beneficial to the story as I feel that there were far too many, and they added nothing to the movie.  I can’t say that I would recommend this movie does it just so rather short regrettably.