Bernie The Dolphin: A Simple Family Film That Is Safe For All Ages


These day’s with the rise of content being questionable for all audiences, people are still searching for movies that are great stories to watch with the entire family. Even our beloved Disney films have started to garner PG ratings which may seem harmless to the general populace but not to some parents wanting to present violence, sex and language free content to their loved ones.

Bernie the Dolphin, the most recent release from Lionsgate, offers a great alternative to the flashy comic book films of today. Although the film plays it safe, it’s a welcome departure to something different.

The movie centers around two siblings, Kevin and Holly, who have a deep love the sea and spend most of their days playing with their dolphin friend Bernie. One day, Bernie goes missing and the duo go on a search to find their beloved friend.  They uncover a plot that land developers and the city have that threatens the local environment and the sea turtles that make the local beach their nesting grounds. It becomes confrontational when they find out that their father is employed by the same company threatening Bernie’s home. The two have to find a way to reunite with their long lost dolphin, save the shores from the treacherous developers, and not involve their father in the process for fear of losing his job.

This is the kind of movie I would expect to find in a doctor’s office or a kid’s facility where content has to be carfeully curated for all ages.  Everything moves the story along and the film stars Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead, Hercules the Legendary Journeys).


The DVD contains some great behind the scenes featurette. It is subtitled in both English and Spanish.