Benched Gives Off A “Bad News Bears” Vibe


On August 17, John C. McGinley makes a return to the big screen in the baseball-themed family comedy. 

Benched, tells the story of Don (McGinley), a tough, overbearing little league coach passionate about winning the championship. When his co-coach (Garret Dillahunt) reveals that his less-than-athletic son is joining the team, tensions begin to arise.

The trailer depicts precisely this, giving off a Bad News Bears vibe with the less than stellar team. However, the film appears to display a bit more heart rather than going for non-stop laughs. Dillahunt’s character mentions that he himself was always the kid that didn’t get picked to play and that he doesn’t want the same for his own son.

With all the abundant craziness of this summer’s list of blockbusters, there hasn’t been much word about Benched, but one can safely assume this film will be worth the watch. Benched opens in theaters everywhere August 17.