Bad Times at the El Royale is a Great Time at the Theater


It is not often that you see a film this clearly put together. From the very beginning you see characters who come off as already having strong foundations, and from there reach for the stars!

I mean to start things out the story is almost like an elementary school joke, now that I think about it, a priest, a singer, and a salesman walk into a hotel. Hilarious! The thing is, however, this story moves along at, what I think is a perfect pace. You start out with one perception and then everything gets turned on its head! The people beautifully transform, right in front of you, into something completely unexpected. Every one of these people have layers that beautifully unfold, like a flower in the first light of day.

The story centers around several people who all have business at this hotel, and while they all think that their business is separate, It all becomes joined together each story building up on the other, broken down chapter by chapter each characters story being individually told as well as having at all being tied together with the rest of the group.

I cannot express how amazing this writing is! The dialogue, the caliber of actors, the actors ability to tell the story in a convincing fashion, the way each timeline fits together and overlaps each other keeps the audience at the edge of their seat, extremely interested!

I would definitely recommend this film to anyone! In fact this film is so good that I would be willing to pay full price to see this movie again!