Avengers: Infinity War Was it Worth the Wait?


Do people even remember a time when it was absolutely impossible to see a good superhero movie? (Dolph Lundgren Punisher?) Let alone a TV show (Generation X?). Well, I do and I hope we never return go that dark period in history again. Although, many a cinema”expert” has predicted the crash of the superhero genre it keeps moving along strong. And I promise with the release of the latest in the Avengers saga it won’t be stopping anytime soon.

I almost grow tired of singing Marvel’s praises but credit is due where credit is due. I wasn’t precisely sure how they were going to fit characters from the various film franchises they’ve spawned from 2008 until now and allow everyone to get their moment but I had the same fear when the first Avengers film was approaching release. Then the writers and director blew me away with the way they were able to utilize everyone without overcrowding the screen or the narrative.

I should’ve known better than to worry because with the writing team and the Russo Brothers at the helm there would be order in the face of potential chaos. The actors were no sweat as they’ve played these characters and defined who they are to audiences worldwide over the years. But, there was enough space to fit in the never before seen Black order (Thanos’ henchmen also referred to as his children in the movie) although without much or any character development.

Speaking of Thanos. He has consistently throughout the interweaving stories been cast as the walking doom of all things (and trust me he lives up to that billing). The Mad Titan is given a surprising amount of screen time to show that he’s more than just a power hungry genocidal madman. These random showings of emotion add a few layers to him as the villain which is always my complaint with superhero movies and make him more interesting beyond a powerful foil to the plethora of heroes thrown at his way.

I will say the CGI was improved from the less than up to par effort dropped in Black Panther. The creatures were ugly and characters sharp.

My biggest compliment is that when the individual heroes got screen time the writers were able to keep the spirit of the films they came from while they addressed them. It went a very long way to making the film feel less crowded or like people were being forced into another persons’ film.

The acting, direction, and writing were on point. The action sequences were what they needed to be but nothing to write home about. This I attribute to the fact this is the first in a two-part story. I will give this a 4.5 out of 5 as it was good enough to split people on which part they like better when the finale drops in 2019. I guarantee you will want to see this film early in its release as everyone will spoil things they saw as it sets up the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe and shifts focus to newer characters.