Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Premiere ‘Family’: Only people related to me get to say that!


Good ole Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), Mister Ashy-Slashy himself, is back! Apparently now settled down in Elk Grove, his hometown where he’s more or less looked on as a hero, Ash is flashing that charming grin and reopening his fathers old hardware store, but with a couple of added twists that can be found on aisle seven!

Pablo (Ray Santiago) of course has a taco stand outside Ash’s newly-reopened hardware store, but Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) has gone and absented herself, so the Ghostbeaters aren’t exactly hopping at the moment. But life continues on in Elk Grove, and guess what, there’s an auction-house-type environment where people can bring their antiques to be appraised and for some reason that’s being televised while Ash waxes on about the importance of hose length to a hottie.

Inevitably, the only reason the appraisal show is relevant is that a young woman just set down the actual Necronomicon on the podium for appraisal, and the auctioneer decided to prove he’s a man of learning by reading some of the impressive passages aloud! Televised deadite chaos abounds!

Plenty of Evil Dead-like mayhem, destruction and death later, and Ruby (Lucy Lawless) herself, somehow resplendent in all-white down to the hair color, shows up to claim the Necronomicon once again.

Meanwhile, Candace Barr (Katrina Hobbs) has crashed the hardware store opening party to lay some heavy information on Ash, along with a demand to come and help find her missing daughter Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill)! Those girls from the very beginning who were terrorized by a deadite mascot cougar (the deadite possibilities are forever endless are always fun), Brandy happens to be one of them, so of course nothing would do but to gather everyone and head for the high school where Brandy was seen last!

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ has determinedly gone back to its slapstick-y roots, straight from the original visions of his deadite-ed sister trying to sing-song Ash to death in the original opus ‘Evil Dead’, to the mini-Ash clones running around cackling and attacking Ash like Gulliver’s Travelers nightmares in ‘Army of Darkness’, and the scenes of musical instruments being animated by Necronomicon magickery all on their own to attack everyone there is in exactly the same messy, glorious and hilarious vein. They don’t make ‘em like this anywhere else, folks.