‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Season 3, Ep 8 ‘Rifting Apart’: It’s Brujo Especiale, bitch!


So a high school dance night far worse than Carrie’s prom ever was is finally over, the police are trying to clean things up, and of course, Ash and Pablo need to steal the coroners van that happens to hold Brandy’s body. Little did they guess, the van would have another body in it, too!

Meanwhile, off in what we now know for sure is the Deadlands, Brandy gets found by our poor missing Knight of Sumeria Dalton, and a I’m-not-quite-dead-yet Kelly. Somehow those two manage to end up together no matter what plane of existence we’re on, so just roll with it! Besides, shadowy Ghost-like monsters are hunting down the newcomers to the Deadlands, so gird your loins and run for your life! Or not-death. Whatever.

Pablo and the Jefe finally figured out what happened to Brandy, and determine the best (well, not best, perhaps only) course of action is to stab Ash with the Kandarian dagger, so he can go forth into the Deadlands and save his daughter! And y’know, Jefe may be a lot of things – lover, fighter, aging-and-resenting-it hero – but it takes real cojones to willingly stab yourself in the heart. Even with help from a Brujo Especiale.

So here in the Deadlands it doesn’t take long for most of the gang to be reunited with Ash, but being back together again is the least of their problems. The doors in the Deadlands can led to literally anywhere, there’s shadow-monsters unstintingly hunting them down, and oh yeah, there’s the small problem of being semi-dead and how to get out of said alternate plane of non-existence.

Just never forget, one of the greatest strengths of all the Ghostbeaters, and Ash in particular, is the ability to improvise. And, yes, his beloved symbols – the damnable blue shirt, the mecha-hand, the boom-stick – do actually include his car, that reliable machine that seems to have a bit of personality of its own, after surviving several movies and three whole seasons of deadite nonsense!

Hey, remember that extra body in the coroners van? Yeah, she’s Pablo’s problem now. Which is screwing everything over, because while he’s fighting deadite prom queen there, our Ghostbeaters in the Deadlands have made it to the end and are trying desperately to get back to real life!

And why didn’t the door work for poor Kelly? Her body is still inhabited out in the real world, by Ruby’s lover Kaya’s spirit, and she’s currently busy bringing another Knight of Sumeria, the leader after Dalton heroically went forth to slay deadites, Zoe, to Ruby. Damn it, Ruby, your selfish plans are screwing everything up worse!

Tune in next week to Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz, to watch the Ghostbeaters take on all comers!