‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Season 3 Ep 7 ‘Twist and Shout’: Ding Dong, You’re Dead!



What to do when it looks like the world is coming to an end at the claws of deadites and demons, right in your sleepy little town of Nowheresville, USA? Go to a high school dance, of course!

At least, that’s what Brandy says she wants to do. Go be normal at the school dance for just a few hours, what could it harm? Besides, Brandy still thinks there’s some good left in Ruby-I-mean-Mrs.-Prevett, and is determined to talk to her again to try and ferret it out.

Seems like everyone’s going to the dance, including the now fully-grown evil Ash clone Ruby made, and momma has just the perfect outfit for her dutiful son to wear when they crash the party. And for some unknown reason, evil Ash is rather prim when it comes to things like weed at school, but perfectly at ease in other atrocities, oh like taking his chainsaw through as many innocent school kids as he can!

Ruby is intent on getting Brandy to betray her real father and help her and her misbegotten girlfriend in a stolen body, but this sure proves to be harder than it sounds. Especially when the Brujo Especiale unexpectedly shows up and begins wreaking havoc with her carefully designed plans.

Pablo’s been faithfully serving the real jefe since this whole mess began, and would never let any evil clone kill that carefully made reputation. And while a showdown between evil Ash and Pablo superior is super epic, this proves to be the final straw for Ruby, who proceeds to just do her level best to send poor Brandy to what we can only assume is the Deadlands!

Tune in next week on Starz to fight deadites and demons with our pals in Ash vs Evil Dead!