Channel: NBC
Production Company: King Baby, Tomorrow Studios
Release Date: May 28, 2015
Stars: David Duchovny, Claire Holt, Gethin Anthony
Creator: John McNamara
Genre: Crime, Drama,


I have missed David Duchovny’s face on prime time television. Set in 1960s Los Angeles, the show purports facets of Charles Manson, before the murder spree. I wonder how they were able to get all the props for that era. I mean it is 2015. Anyhow, Duchovny plays this “I am a badass cop” who basically is requested by an old flame to find her daughter, Emma ( In the first episode, I am 5 episodes in). Emma, is 16 years old and a DIRTY girl, but that is way it was then right? Free spirited teenagers protesting against the curfew in Hollywood. The Vietnam War going on. The Black Panthers.
First, in a time where we, as a nation, are trying to get rid of racism, it’s here on NBC. I am sure that it was not intentional. Second, in a time where police officers are crooked, oh wait it is still happening, but good officers are getting gun down, this show is on NBC. It may not be intentional. I did want to put that out there to marinate.
The interesting thing, Hodiak’s (Duchovny) partner, Shafe (Grey Damon) is in an interracial marriage. During the 1960s. How freaking awesome is that? Okay, I actually like Shafe. I think it’s because on the outside he is a non-conformist, but as a police officer, he follows the rules. Hodiak and Shafe are two opposites, working together.
The good thing is the disclaimer, the show is in part true, not all of it. So, it’s more for entertainment.

Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony) is interesting. I am so not sure how “Charlie got the girls” because he was NOT sexy. I mean, I wouldn’t go after him, but the time frame, I guess that was the way. Man with guitar, can play music and sing, panties drop right? Yea, I get. Manson, however, is a crazy man. CRAZY and a believer of keeping a straight razor on his person at all times.
I don’t know where this show is going, I am loving the fashion and the music. Oh yea. The music for you classic rock lovers…there it is. Great music!